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Drew Baccus



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Thank you for taking the time to look into having me build your dream home and learn a little bit about me and what I represent. My name is Drew Baccus, I was born and raised in Oklahoma City, attended The University of Oklahoma, and have a BBA from the Michael F. Price College of Business.

I had the good fortune to meet Anthony Saikowski’s daughter Whitney while attending OU. We were married in 2003 and have 3 children. Since graduation I’ve worked under Anthony on numerous projects in Amarillo and Dallas. I can’t tell you the experience you learn and gain in the construction business from a mentor like Anthony who’s been doing it for almost 40 years and builds with the exceptional quality of construction Anthony does.

I started Affluent Construction in 2010 with a mission statement that is comprised of 3 key values that I won’t comprise on.

  • The Best Construction Possible

  • A Truly Client Based, Client Involved Custom Home

  • Our Reputation as Becoming the Best Custom Homebuilder in Amarillo.

One other important aspect to notice is that I will never build two homes alike. Every project is truly unique and never the same or repeated like other builders. Every plan is drawn from scratch which means you truly get a one of a kind custom built home when you come to me.

Feel free to contact me and I’ll be glad to walk you through one of my current custom homes under construction and show you how Affluent Construction does it differently. All the way from the larger foundation footings we pour, to using real brick moulding, to solid wood cabinets. We do it differently all the way down to smallest detail.

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